We offer a great variety of hair treatments at L'Scissors, always using top quality products. Visit our shop or call us to inquire about all services available. There will be something suitable for you.

Brazilian Blow Dry

Keratin is a strong protein that is key to hair maintenance, often lost over time due to age, chemical services and products. The Brazilian blow dry puts that protein back in your hair, adding layers of protein to the the hair cortex, strengthening and relaxing it, making it more manageable and giving your hair a salon shine.



Hair Botox

The treatment reduces frizz and makes your hair look smoother. Hair botox also hydrates and moisturizes your hair. This helps reverse damage, prevents split ends and supports hair growth. Results are visible immediately and tend to last for approximately three months.




It is a deep hair treatment which adds tho the hair protein, called keratin. The cauterization rebuilds the hair mass, retrieves the fibers and hair elasticity and helps those who are with the most damaged hair.




The hair  relax reduces the curls by breaking down the hair strands and chemically altering the texture.




It is a treatment to transform and repair dull, fragile hair. It works best to reduce dryness, improve hair texture and nourish the hair cuticles.




Treatment using Smartbond Step 1 which contains maleic acid and captures ions allowing the reconstruction of weak bonds, and Step 2 which continues to capture the ions to allow the weaker bonds to reform. It contains a blend of ceramides & polymers to provide condition & shine to the hair.



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